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Three Easy Ab Exercises

What are three easy abs exercises anyone can perform? Here they are, along with a detailed explanation on how to do each one:

#1) Standard crunch

No discussion on abs would be complete without this one. Start out with your back on the floor and your front facing the ceiling. Put your arms on your chest to discourage pulling with your hands, as many people do. This can often times result in neck damage if you aren’t careful.

Make sure your knees are at roughly forty five degrees. From there, slowly raise your elbows until they touch the knees. Then gradually come back down.

The keyword is slow.

Most people make the mistake of trying to do two or three hundred. They go as fast as possible to try and squeeze as many in as they can.

But three hundred crunches in bad form don’t have nearly the effect that just 10 in good form do. Quality beats quantity any day.

#2) Reverse Crunch

This method is less known than a lot of other crunches, but it’s very effective nonetheless. You start out identically as with the standard crunch. Then you just do the opposite - you bring your hips and knees up to your elbows.

Make sure you keep your back flat on the floor and don’t raise anything other than your knees, hip and bottom. Your upper body should remain completely stationary. This is another very effective abs workout you can try.

#3) Twisting crunch

This one is a bit more extensive than the other two and targets more muscles. But as you might expect, it’s also a little harder.

Begin by lying down on your back while keeping your knees and hips above the floor. Put your hands in back of your head and then slowly pull your abs up.

Make sure the opposite elbows and knees touch prior to going back down. For instance, touch your right elbow to left knee and visa versa. If you don’t touch, you haven’t gone far enough.

As mentioned earlier, this is just a more thorough workout than the other two. You might want to start with the first two and advance to this one as you get stronger.

And with all of these, remember that the key is to slowly build your way up. Do as many good crunches as you can in good form, and gradually raise the number every week.

Increasing by 5 repetitions a week each time might not seem like a huge deal. But over the course of a year you will be able to do roughly 250 more crunches than you could in the beginning! This will result in a huge amount of fat loss.