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It is not about perfect. It's about effort.


It is not about perfect. It’s about effort.


Sherri and Jacob Hurd have been training together for years at the local gym. When they started hearing whispers of the gym being for sale, they had to jump at the thought. Training together made them eager to own their own gym one day, which intersects both of their interests, fitness and business management. The duo believe that what makes people thrive is the passion and motivation behind them. Choosing to specialize in fitness means that you are devoted to learning; that you will continue to push forward even when training gets hard. That is the mentality that sets them apart. They are dedicated to influencing the community to think about fitness and the comradery of achieving goals and improving health.

Ajo Fitness re-opened its doors in July of 2018 under the new ownership. Since then, they've facilitated the partnership with the silver sneakers program. In September of 2018, they brought in Harriet Wood, AKA Hazard, to paint a beautiful mural on the north wall of the gym. Things like these are what shows true dedication and passion to the Ajo community.


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Sherri Hurd

Sherri focuses on the various facets of business management and community outreach at Ajo Fitness, whether that’s attending events in the community or making connections in business to impact access to the gym. Prior to co-founding Ajo Fitness, she has had many well know jobs in the Ajo community and still currently works at the National Bank of Arizona Branch in Ajo. Part of her driving passion for the gym is personal development and seeing the health struggles her father went through. She knows that so many health problems can be reduced with an active lifestyle, so she wants to help introduce that into the Ajo community.



M.B.A, Business Administration, 2010

B.B.A., Business Administration, 2001

Activities & Affiliations

• Ajo Chamber of Commerce, Member
• Sheltering Ajo, Treasurer

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Erich Ecker

Erich has been an employee at the gym for two ownership transitions. He is now the manager and the face you will see when you sign up and come into the gym during office hours.



Diploma, 2013

favorite Workout

Front Squats