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Core Exercises that Really Work

What are the best core exercises? It’s probably not what you think. Yes, crunches do work, but they should only be a small part of your routine.

Many spend their entire workout session doing 100’s of crunches and virtually nothing else. This movement only targets a small part of your abs. To get a full workout you have to incorporate more exercises.

So which are the best? Here are four you can start with:

#1) The Bicycle

This is one of the most effective for burning fat. For this you start with your back on the floor, like with many core exercises. Keep your knees at a right angle and your shoulders raised above the ground.

Make sure your hands are behind your head to stay stabilized. But don’t pull because this might cause neck problems.

Then raise your knees to a forty five degree angle and gradually begin pedalling as you would a bike. Make sure to move your right knee upward towards your opposite elbow until they are touching. At the same time extend the other leg.

Then just do this on the left side as well. Extending this far ensures you get the full benefit. Just start out with a small number of repetitions and slowly work your way up. This is one of the best methods for getting six pack abs.

#2) Windmill

In this exercise you begin standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep your arms at your side. Hold a weight in your right hand for resistance.

Then lift your right arm higher than your head, while maintaining your ninety degree angle with your elbow. Your left arm should still be in its original position.

From there, shift your left foot outward at forty five degrees. Make sure to keep your eyes upward towards the ceiling during the exercise.

Then bend over at the hip and attempt to touch your left foot with your hand while maintaining the ninety degree angle with your right arm. Then go the other way. You might not be able to reach your foot at first, but eventually you will.

#3) Bicycle Crunch

Assume the classic crunch position. Then raise your knees to roughly forty five degrees and begin to pedal as if riding a bike.

As you are going through this, try and touch your left elbow with the opposite knee. Then do it the other way as well. You should really feel this one in the abs when done correctly.

#4) The captains chair

For this one you will need some sort of device at hand level to hold yourself above the ground. Most gyms have exercise machines that are designed for this.

Lift yourself up slightly off the ground while keeping your legs hanging down. Then gradually bring your knees upwards into your abs section. Make sure you go slowly. This is another incredibly powerful workout for the midsection.


Just start out slowly with all these exercises and gradually increase you repetitions as you go. You will be amazed at your progress if you stick with it.